Wallington County Grammar School

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the centre of the ethos of Wallington County Grammar School. We are renowned for the ‘family’ atmosphere that we nurture between our staff and students and will always go the extra mile to ensure all feel happy and safe. All staff at WCGS have a role in supporting the well-being of students with Form Tutors being the key figure in the students’ lives to support them through the many challenges of being a young person today. All pastoral care is provided with the full support of Year Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that meeting the needs of students, both collectively and individually, is always at the forefront of our thinking. We would always encourage parents and carers to be in regular contact with their child’s Form Tutor so that we are always working together to help and support them. Attending parents’ evenings are another good way to build these crucial relationships between staff and parents as are our parent workshops which are intended to advise you about the wide range of issues faced by young people today.

Should you ever have any questions or issues you would like to discuss with the School regarding your child, please contact their Form Tutor.

Wallington County Grammar School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and all members of staff and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our students’ are cared for appropriately and safeguarded from any harm, and their duty of care to promote the health, safety and welfare of all members of the school community.


If you have a safeguarding concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs D Owen  at dowen13.319@wcgs.foliotrust.uk.